2 years ago

I requested Fractal why players don’t migrate over to the “official” version that could nonetheless be used for CTM competitions. “mainly we’re all comfortable with the established order, so there isn’t any large incentive to change,” he informed me over Discord. “and the unfavorable feedback loop of nobody wanting to play as a result of there’s no one to play against.”

In a press release, Twitter’s Board of Directors stated it nonetheless “intends to shut the transaction” and адвокат по ВЭД would take legal motion in opposition to Musk. “We are dedicated to closing the transaction on the worth and phrases agreed upon with Mr. Musk and plan to pursue authorized motion to enforce the merger settlement,” the board mentioned. “We are assured we will prevail in the Delaware Court of Chancery.”

Our paladin healer, Bouchbagette, put it this fashion: “I’m rarely the just one on. It has been very nice to have someone on-line to do stuff like LFR, old raids, or achieves with. I believe it’s as a result of everybody here genuinely loves the sport. I don’t suppose you could be as devoted to raiding as we are and not love the game.”