A 10 minute auto-shutoff will help conserve battery life when you are not using the vaporizer. Grenco Science’s G Pen Elite Vaporizer has the latest portable vaporizer and is compatible with dry herbs. It is designed for superior vapouri. The Utillian722 has a minimalistic but functional design. It features nice rounded edges and fits intuitively into your hand. It has a single button that allows for easy operation. This makes it ideal for beginners.

It seems to heat quickly and is set at a good temperature. Every product comes out golden brown with not a single ash. It is undoubtedly one of the best convection vapes. The 722 vaporizer is also compatible with extracts and concentrates with its included wax canister. To enjoy a flavorful, convection-powered wax session simply put your favorite extract in a wax canister.

You’ve tried them all, and this machine can take out all the good stuff in the grass. Comparing it to my Pax, I find the 722 much more cost-effective for the same result. I’m able to save around 30%-40%. It is amazing to see the volume of vape! The usb charging outlet is a huge benefit.

The edges of this mouthpiece are a bit sharp. It’s not a problem for me. Weed papa didn’t like it. The Utillian721 does not come with a replacement battery. However, Toronto Vaporizer provides a 1-year warranty. Plenty of knowledge and good people willing to share around these parts.

The user manual suggests using a Q tip dipped in isopropyl ethanol after every 3-4 sessions. Make sure the alcohol has completely evaporated before you use it again. The plastic mouthpiece, screen as well as the wax canister and O-rings can all be soaked in alcohol up to 20 minutes. I have seen people upgrade the mouthpiece to the Quartz ones that are available on the Storz & Bickel vaporizers. It’s worth it, cannabisreports.org and I’ll probably give it another shot. I can see how adding a glass piece to the flavor could be beneficial.

Utillian 722 works great for my personal use, like getting into bed and being able to easily use this product. It produces consistent, smooth, and excellent vapor throughout the session. No need to stir your herbs during the session. I was completely surprised by the performance of my Utillian 722 when I got it as an anniversary gift for my husband. It produces a very smooth and consistent vapor. The design of this vape is great because it fits easily in my purse and looks cool in my hand.