Second, birth rates are decreasing, which means fewer college-aged kids. The big spike in college attendance rates – and a corresponding dip in Harvard admission percentage – takes place in the 1938 to 1952 birth cohort. Harvard obsessively chronicles the race of its student body, and the class of 2010 and class of 2022 have the same racial composition. Harvard equivocates between a few different definitions of “international student”, but I think it’s comparing apples to apples when it says the Class of 2013 was 10% foreign citizens and the Class of 2022 is 12%. These two classes bound the time period we’re worrying about, and this doesn’t seem like a big change. So many vets took the government up on the offer that Harvard was overwhelmed for the first time in its history. Also, If you adored this article and you would such as to get additional information pertaining to wrote kindly check out our own website. keep in mind that only about 60% of college students graduate in anywhere near the expected amount of time. You’ve seen this before – this is percent of Americans (by gender) to graduate college. Seventy percent of high school graduates are now going to college

Moving on: the graphs in the Introduction show that college attendance has been stable since about 2005. Why did the rise stop? So why weren’t there gluts of would-be college students, doctors, and lawyers? There was a slight increase in attendance during the 2008 recession, and a slight decrease during the recent boom. This cycle meant that after the shocks of the mid-1900s, there was a strong expectation of a degree in the knowledge professions, which forced women and later generations of men to continue going to college to keep up. The men and women who come under these circumstances find in the modest entry jobs available on this side of the border the means to fulfill expectations blocked in their own countries. In 1924 Sears hired Robert C. Wood, who was able to convince Sears Roebuck to open retail stores. It’s sorted by birth cohort, which means 1920 on the x-axis corresponds to the people who were in college in the 1940s – eg our GIs

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Now get our ‘all in one’ packaged real estate website system. This article claims that in 1816, tuition itself was only about 10% of the expenses involved in sending a child to college (granted, poor people pinching pennies could get by for much less than the hypothetical well-off student analyzed here, but I think the principle still holds). I realize I’m making a strong claim here, and I don’t have space to justify it fully – for more on this, read my Against Tulip Subsidies and SSC Gives A Graduation Speech – or better yet, Bryan Caplan’s The Case Against Education. Around 1940, the admission rate dropped from 95% to 25%. Most sources I read attribute this to the GI Bill, a well-intentioned piece of legislation that encouraged returning WWII veterans to get a college education. Again, this is based off of idiosyncratic beliefs I don’t have the space to justify (again, read Caplan) but it could be a sort of self-reinforcing signaling cycle

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