It’s the perfect feature when you just want to blast off or finish out a session real quick. I have been playing a lot with my Utillian 722, trying out different temperatures, and packing. The vape’s taste is creamy and smooth. It is a great vape. Even though I don’t like the taste or smoke, the vapors that this vape produces are delicious.

The Utillian 722 Vaporizer improves on the Utillian721’s great features to make it the best dry herb and extract vaper. The Utillian 722 features single-button operation, convection heat, 4 preset temperatures, 30 seconds heat up, and a boost function for full extraction. The Utillian vaporizer 722 refines everything the community loved about Utillian 721 to make Utillian’s best dry herb vaper yet. The Utillian 722 is a convection-style heating unit with single button operation. There are 4 preset temperatures, a 30-second heat up, and a boost mode for full extraction.

Tvape shipped my orders twice to me. Both times, the product was more than 3 days late. I paid extra for 1 Day shipping. I placed an order from them on Thursday. The product was not sent until Tuesday. I have tried to contact customer service twice. Both times, no response. I reviewed them on google and they immediately responded, telling me that it was the shipping company’s fault and that I should contact their support again. I know that it’s not Purolator’s fault because they had 2 days before the weekend to ship out the product, and they decided not to.

The vapors it produces have a smooth, cool, and flavorful taste. There is no need to stir your herbs during the session. Good flavor, good vapor and cool temperature settings. The boost mode temperature setting allows you to choose love. Convection is used very efficiently. This vape gets the most out of your herbs and produces great vapors. Two clicks on the power key will activate it. You can toggle between four temperature settings: Green – 180degC and Blue -190degC. Purple – 200degC. Red – 210degC.

2 years agoI have tried many different vaporizers. From expensive to budget-friendly Solo 2s to Magic Flight Box and DaVincis, this is my favorite. Screens should be cleaned or changed out often, depending on how much you fill. Amazing just great boost feature and good battery life.