Get more than 1500 prints without delay with out needing a refill on the Epson L1800 DTF tshirt printer, thanks to its giant ink tanks that you would be able to fill with any ink of your preference. Epson L1800 has a dependable monitor document and you’ll excessive-resolution footage with the maximum 5760 dpi that it.

Although you don’t want to use your DTF movie switch right away-you can store it for future use-you’ll be able to start transferring your image to the fabric once you’ve accomplished the earlier four steps. Place your PET film with the image and melted powder on the material in the heat press to ensure sturdy adhesion.

The day by day maintenance includes checking the waste container and emptying as vital and shaking the white ink cartridge and container. On days when the Prestige A3+ will likely be used to print, it’s advisable to perform a head cleansing and nozzle cleaning in the beginning of the day. After printing, you should put it into maintenance mode and clean the caping station, wiper blade and print head.

Printing onto a movie transfer means you can place your design on laborious-to-reach or awkward surfaces. If the realm might be heated, you’ll be able to can apply a DTF design to it! As a result of all it takes is heat to adhere the design, you may even promote your printed transfers directly to your clients and allow them to allay the design to no matter floor or merchandise they select with no particular gear!