Here I was roughly following a foundational software engineering convention called separation of concerns, in which code is structured into sections that each deal with one concern-i.e. 2. Generate clauses for each Lyndon word that express “at most one codeword from this Lyndon word and its rotations is chosen”. The word derivation of the Latin psȳchē is from the Greek psȳchḗ, literally “breath”, derivative of psȳ́chein, to breathe or to blow (hence, to live). Note that the representations below should be treated as canonical examples, whereas the jf2 spec itself may provide multiple variations of values. For example, in Microformats the “author” property may be a string URL or an h-card, but in Microsub it will always be a jf2 card. At night, I stay up late in a frantic cycle of trying to find something (computer games, youtube videos, movies) that will either calm me down or make me so tired that my mind finally shuts up and my body gives out – but this always leads to not getting enough sleep

If a user had the IndieWeb Post Kinds plugin installed, then Yarns Indie Reader would hook into that plugin to define those posts’ kind appropriately, which resulted in those posts being marked up with appropriate MF2. As described earlier in this chapter, that is what allows IndieWeb sites to parse incoming Webmentions (e.g. to display Bob liked this post or Bob replied to this post), and is also useful for software such as feed readers to identify and filter posts by type (e.g. to display a feed of only photos, or only replies). As a result, such errors were difficult to observe by eye because they are visually indistinct from cases where a post is simply missing some information. Once all these steps are performed, the user experience provided by Yarns as a Microsub server accompanied by a variety of clients is arguably much better than what I had built originally. Dr. Lambert has absolutely changed my life for the better! While licensors may apply effective technological measures (ETMs) to their own materials, the licensor provides a limited permission to circumvent these measures: “The Licensor waives and/or agrees not to assert any right or authority to forbid You from making technical modifications necessary to exercise the Licensed Rights, including technical modifications necessary to circumvent Effective Technological Measures.” Note that this only applies to effective technological measures applied by licensors themselves: third parties such as distribution platforms may still apply ETMs if the licensor uploads there, and the license is not able to grant you permission to circumvent it

IndieWeb’s ecosystem of building blocks, including the combination of WordPress plugins I used on my site, has matured significantly since my early encounters. However, the requirement to negotiate multiple building blocks upon setup directly conflicted with my initial plans. However, a lot has changed in the last 45 years of computing. The “right frame of mind,” as I put it, required me to focus on solving problems methodically and with “intense focus’.’ However, those periods of focus threatened my capacity to take a broader view of how specific technical challenges and procedures related to the values I was trying to achieve. If we focus on impact, rather then being conservative in order to minimise mistakes, we open doors to a lot of opportunities that we may otherwise miss. Much to my embarrassment, it’s been sitting in my to do list for weeks, as I focus my time on writing this dissertation rather than doing any development. For me, a dual core CPU is enough, not only that but it’s a pretty good deal

I added them, submitted the request, and again it was denied-for the exact same reason. In practice, RecipeRadar uses a slightly different XML schema but the principle is the same. Although inter-service communication within RecipeRadar typically uses JSON to serialize objects and data, we’ve found that JSON is not well suited to representing text with inline metadata. As a recipe search engine, RecipeRadar aims to collect and understand recipe content from around the web. We’d like to keep that extra information around – it can help with preparation and selection of ingredients, and it helps to ensure that the recipe author’s instructions are faithfully maintained. Like don’t confuse the apparel industry with the home industry, I mean it’s — they’re completely different. This would mean comments could either be their own line or at the end of a line. This was done by searching each line for a semicolon (;) and throwing out everything after it. I began by wondering how a 4-bit CPU would work, and in doing some research came across the Intel 4004. It’s almost 50 years old at this point, and at first I thought it’d be easy to figure out how it worked. I thought about my childhood, which I don’t think about very much

Có thể nói là tuyệt đỉnh nha. Có lẽ ai cũng cảm thấy mệt mỏi khi trải qua việc chuyển nhà. Và chi phí luôn là yếu tố cơ bản nhất để đánh giá nhà cung cấp thùng carton tại TPHCM cùng các chi phí phát sinh khi mua hàng. Bên cạnh yếu tố giá cả thùng carton, thì điều khoản thanh toán gián tiếp tác động tới các yếu tố giá thành sản phẩm. Bên cạnh việc vận tải thì việc đóng gói vận chuyển là một điều hết sức quan trọng. Đảm bảo sự đồng nhất trong quá trình sản xuất và vận chuyển sản phẩm. Tuy nhiên, bạn cần theo dõi được số lượng,tỷ lệ thùng carton hư hỏng / đơn hàng đã nhận trong quá lưu trữ hoặc vận chuyển. Các tài liệu liên quan đến việc trưng mua, trưng dụng tài sản phải được lập thành hồ sơ và được quản lý, lưu trữ theo quy định của pháp luật. Theo từng kỳ thống kê, bạn cần xác đinh tỷ lệ thùng carton hư hỏng/ tổng đơn hàng

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