Ten tweede: windmolens zijn voor een heel groot deel (de nacelle, de toren) te recylcen. Maar dat komt zelden voor. En nucleaire grondstoffen zijn ook een eindige vorm van brandstof, er is genoeg voor een jaar of 80, bij huidig gebruik. Kerncentrales zijn niet iets magisch waardoor je in een klap alle capaciteit van een gebied kunt leveren. En we gaan dit niet in een keer oplossen, maar wel geleidelijk en dat is nog zo’n mooi voordeel van zonne energie en wind energie: je kunt ze stapsgewijze bijplaatsen, conintue, iedere dag weer tot je voldoende hebt. Insecten worden voornamelijk door vogels vermoord, niet door windmolens (en we spreken dan over opeten, vermoorden is zo’n emotioneel beladen term), en tientallen vogels per stuk per dag is gewoon uit de lucht gegrepen. En als er een hele zwerm vogels door het rotor vlak vliegt dan ziet dat er vast minder prettig uit. Wat ik me altijd afvraag als ik dit soort argumenten lees is waar mensen hun informatie vandaan halen. Als er nou een onvervangbaar koraalrif zou liggen precies waar je je windpark neer wil zetten is dat een andere kwestie. Als dat zo was dan hadden we met Borselle genoeg om deze hele uitwisseling niet te hebben

The lowest point on Earth’s surface is Challenger Deep, at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, 11,034 m (36,201 ft) below sea level. The point on the ground closest to the Earth’s centre (interpreted as a land surface or sea floor) is the bottom of the Litke Deep, which is 6,351.61 km (3,947 mi) from the centre of the Earth. The lowest point on dry land is the shore of the Dead Sea, shared by Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, 432.65 m (1,419 ft) below sea level. The lowest (from sea level) artificially made point with open sky may be the Hambach surface mine, Germany, which reaches a depth of 293 m (961 ft) below sea level. The southernmost point of open ocean is in the Bay of Whales, also part of the Ross Sea, at 78°30’S, at the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf. The southernmost island is considered to be Deverall Island, near the Shackleton Coast, surrounded by the Ross Ice Shelf

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From this model, we conclude that property tax, square footage, and whether or not a home is built from a custom design are the most significant factors in the price of a home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Regional economies are moving toward greater economic openness, lower trade barriers, and regional cooperation and now account for a large and increasing portion of world trade. A dedicated button is now used to make an “oversway” (or change plane) towards the background or foreground. Now they’re next to the “linked references” so when you finish reading an article, you can discover similar ones using tags or “linked references”. You can make anything happen in our mobile application with just a few clicks. We will be working over the next few months to develop plans and proposals to support other aspects of Transformational Diplomacy, possibly including additional American Presence Posts, like the one already operating in Medan, Indonesia, where one of our best diplomats moves outside the Embassy to live and work and represent America. Your everyday drive to work will be more therapeutic than taxing with such cutting-edge roads. Southeast Asia offers fertile ground for our transformational diplomacy efforts to support reforms being undertaken by the peoples of the region that will promote democracy and good governance, foster broad-based and sustainable economic development, strengthen their societies, and make them stronger partners

This doesn’t mean that we overlook or paper over our real differences in areas such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, human rights, or the bilateral economic relationship. 7. Level and use of non-regulated real estate brokerage practice of this Law. The money that my wife and I were hoping to use for our young daughter’s education in the future is now locked up. The success we have in achieving our long-term strategic vision in East Asia will depend in large measure on the direction China takes in the future as an emerging regional and global power. The region is home to some of our most stalwart security and trade partners, to an established power — Japan — and a rising power — China — and to a political and economic dynamism that is the envy of other regions. One of the key challenges before us is how we interact with China as an emerging regional and global power in ways that simultaneously enhance our bilateral relationship and have a beneficial impact on the security and development of our friends and allies. We expect that President Hu will want to build on what we hope will be a successful Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade that deals with intellectual property rights, market opening, and China’s commitment to Doha Development goals, among other issues