Eventually, rising interest rates will be viewed as a sign of a strengthening economy, which could benefit real estate fundamentals, although we see that scenario as being unlikely in the near term. I’m keeping it at room temperature over night and then dumping half and feeding it up again tomorrow morning to see how it goes. Nice to see one of the original Unix greybeards still going strong and trying to get people to look closely at how computers and algorithms work. I’m using the original markdown’s inline html format for the headings. The echo line then prints them in reverse order so in yyyymmdd format inside an anchor name html tag. With Apache OpenOffice installed from the RPM binaries (converted to Slackpkg format using rpm2tgz) I have most of what I need on this landfill machine. The ‘labs’ section has a series of tutorials about making Web pages using HTML, spreadsheets, python, python libraries for handling natural language, machine learning (using private systems by the look of it) and a web tour of privacy and tools like Tor. The course also covers ‘machine learning’ (i.e. statistical inference applied to data that has been gathered) and aspects of security. The course attempts to explain how computers and software work, and therefore what assumptions might be made by computer programmers when asked to solve a problem by writing software

Air New Zealand has also secured standby funding of up to $511 million. Buffer is “A better way to manage your social media”. Say what your blog does, who it is for, what people will get and how this is better than competing options. Are you an educator teaching people new things? And obviously, those are our businesses, and that, I think, is going to be an incredible driver for us. Prior to that, Directive No. 23 banned imports for re-export and trans-shipment of a variety of hazardous waste items and temporarily banned imports for re-export and transshipment of a variety of products including used consumer goods, frozen animal by-products, and offal. Yes, probably even below that, probably 3% ish, 3% to 4%, I would say. Now, if you read some Android-related articles on the web, If you beloved this short article and you would like to obtain more information pertaining to nhà Bán trần hưng đạO Q1 kindly go to the page. recently, you may have noticed that now there’s a high demand of Android developers. It has been said that you have a greater chance of being hit by lightning than being murdered in Mexico. Instead of being a small fish in a big pond, you aim to become a big fish in a small pond. In addition to the efforts being made by the industry to thwart the spread of COVID-19, it remains imperative that travelers do their part to reduce the risk of spreading illness

These iso images are not hybrid (or at least they were not when I last tested one) and so won’t boot if dd’ed to a USB stick. This is the only source of a 32bit iso for Slackware current/RC releases that I know of. Using the Gnu Compiler Collection, you use gfortran as the compiler and make sure that the source file has extension .f90. I like to put a comment at the top of a (perhaps slightly more complex) source file with an example of use and a typical compilation command. The little script example above will split up the date in variable r into an array in s that has the day number, the month number and then the year number as separate elements. This number will increase in the future as Vietnam integrates further in the global economy, meaning foreigners’ demand for Vietnamese property will continue to rise. Has been working well with a reasonable rise. I’ll build that up to around 270g when I’m doing a bake and add 70g of starter to 500g flour and 350g water and the other ingredients (salt, rosemary, cinnamon, caraway seeds) and leave that to rise overnight and shape and bake

The town clock is on the river bank, originally housed in the tower of the impressive colonial post office. It is a bell tower built by the owner of Quex Park, John Powell Powell, who had an interest in change ringing. You can even change your mind about which card it goes onto, within 14 days of the transaction. The balance goes straight onto one of your existing debit or credit cards. Curve does the currency conversion and puts the balance onto whichever of your debit or credit cards you choose. 3. Link your existing credit & debit cards to the app. See details, download the app and get a Curve card – they’ll give you £5 cashback through that link, too. How it works: 1. Download the app for iPhone or Android. Journey’s end: The TranzAlpine arrived at Greymouth station on the rainy west coast of NZ’s south island. After Otira, the TranzAlpine train snakes its way through the Misty Mountains, which live up to their name. These photos show the old TranzAlpine train which used rebuilt 1950 coaches until 2012. You’ll now see the same wonderful scenery, from a far nicer more modern train, see the new train photos above

Audrey, my sourdough starter, is smelling a bit too sour and there was a fair amount of hooch (the brown evil smelling liquid that forms on the top of a ‘mature’ starter which contains the alcohol produced by the fermentation). Making sense a bit now. So now the java manual is available. The Java REPL called jshell works within the terminal emulator window, which is nice, so now I have yet another calculator. Install Java sdk version 11 on OpenBSD 7.0. I want this to run processing. As usual the pkg-readme for jdk-11 only includes information that is special to the OpenBSD port, in this case some information about using IP addresses with Java’s networking libraries. Rewriting an existing codebase should be modeled as a special case of a migration. The book makes a strong case for how the physiological basis of pleasure-seeking happiness crowds out one’s ability to feel true happiness (contentment), and why a strange mix of corporate manipulation of our minds and bad government policy have created the perfect storm for a failure of willpower