The silicone mouthpiece, which is secretly hidden behind the device, is located flush with it. The Pax 3 also features a traditional, raised lipscrew that you can snap in place. Most models have an adequate (and often similar) battery life. We prefer that they use universal charging cords, but we don’t need it.

The vapor is pure and flavorful, especially compared to similar vapes in the price range. Convection vaporizers can be more expensive than others (Example: Firefly 2 is almost twice the price), but the U722 has a good fight when it concerns vapor quality. I have had the older version (721) before so I was familiar with what to expect. The battery life is great, but I wish it could last for longer. Currently, I have completed approximately 9x 5-minute sessions. No other vape can compare to Utillian products.

Other vapes I tried failed because they required too many pieces to be replaced every so often. This vape, on the other hand, is fantastic – just add the dry herb and go! It’s easy to work out and doesn’t have complicated parts. To date, cleaning has involved only tapping it out. I am aware that there will be times when I need an alcohol bud to wipe it off but that sounds simple too. Absolutely brilliant delivers purely tasty vapors , easy ro clean, no draw resistance. When i first tried vaping i was a little disappointed but the Utillian 722 has rekindled my vaping it best mode for intake of

When you grab the control button, it is conveniently located on your thumb or index finger. Other than that, the 722 is easy to fill up due to the crease on the side of the chamber. The Utillian722 is a convection type vaporizer with tons of power. Although you won’t find many features on the 722, it has all the necessary features to provide impressive performance. This could be a good option if your goal is to get through your session.

Huge, easy clouds with very little wheezing The top cap adds some flair, but the swivel mouthpiece design is familiar from devices such as the Tera, Crafty and Mighty. It is made from a tough plastic with a subtle texture that gives it a pleasant mouthfeel. Magnets secure the top caps in place. The matte rubber coating makes the device very easy to grip.

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