USB-C Charging or a Replaceable Battery wouldn’t have been so bad, especially since it can’t be charged while it’s in use. My kit also included a wax canister and tweezers, but for some reason, I don’t see that listed on their site. They don’t mention anything about concentrates in the specs either.

Utillian suggests giving your chamber a deep clean every three weeks. For ease, we recommend using 99% alcohol and Q-tips. Do not skimp on the alcohol. The lower the percentage, it will be less effective on the first pass. You don’t want any residue to drip into the heating element. It is most convenient when a vaper uses a common charging port such as Micro-USB or USBC. This works with cables that you probably already own. Although a proprietary charger isn’t as convenient, we don’t think it’s as bad as a standard charger.

The 722 can produce convection vapor in addition to dry herbs and concentrates. It also has a boost mode that allows you extract the full flavor from your dried herbs and concentrates. This video and blog post will cover everything you need to know regarding the Utillian 722 vape – an updated version 721. It comes with a more sleek square redesign, better airflow, and more temperature control. The 722 vape is portable and dual-purpose. It can be used both for dry flower and extract.

Utillian 721 a convection-vaporizer I like to call the connoisseurs’ vaporizer on an affordable budget. This vaporizer comes in under $200 with all of the things we love about convection vaporizers which is; a smooth draw, even baking of the cannabis and better taste. It can also consort, so it’s easy for us to see why the Utillian 711, best vaporizer at O’cannabiz 2019, was awarded. The Utillian 722, the sequel to the Utillian 721, is now available. An annual record in the flower vaporizer industry. Utillian also added a concentrate tin to his new model.