Industries with immediate sales, one-call closes or a closing cycle of less than a month often use a straight commission structure. This commission structure works well in any field that relies on long-term relationship building or an accumulated expertise, such as national sales for a sportswear manufacturer or an applications specialist for a technology company. This commission structure is often used when salespeople have to plan on a long sales cycle and can have an inconsistent cash flow if they’re working for straight commission. This practice also helps companies to attract and retain good sales representatives, while allowing the sales rep to develop confidence in his or her abilities and develop assigned territories. Because it can take a while to earn a commission when the sales cycle lasts for months or years at a time, some companies will offer salespeople a draw on their commission to tide them over until actual commissions are paid out. Some companies require repayment of the draw right away, while others allow some additional time or sales cycles to help you establish a territory and make up the draw. Companies realize that their sales representatives may have difficulty budgeting and meeting their month-to-month living expenses, and will offer a draw to help them out

Companies who are offering a new product with an uncertain market or who are trying to establish a presence in a new territory will sometimes offer a guarantee against commission in order to attract proven salespeople. Sometimes, companies will increase the base salary and decrease commissions over time, or decrease base salary and increase commissions until the salesperson is on straight commission. Calculating taxes on sales commissions is relatively simple: The draw and the commission are taxed together as ordinary income. Read on to learn more about how draws are calculated and taxed. Read on to learn more about different types of sales commission structures. Sales commission structures are usually designed to give an employee some control over how much they earn during a certain time period. On the other hand, the employer may lose the draw if the employee quits. A sales compensation agreement usually involves careful negotiation with your employer. For example, if you receive a monthly draw of $2,000, your employer may withhold taxes at the tax rate appropriate for an annual income of $24,000. For more on taxes and other financial obligations, see the links on the next page. Total compensation for the year is $75,000, and taxes must be paid at the appropriate income rate

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