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TV Sex Scenes That Are Better Than Porn: Game of Thrones, Scandal, Outlander, and More - Glamour BBB- 1792 New York gubernatorial election – The Federalist Party applicant John Jay obtained more votes than the Democratic-Republican Party prospect George Clinton, but on technicalities the votes of Otsego, Tioga and Clinton counties had been disqualified and not canvassed, providing George Clinton a slight greater part in the formal final result. TRUMP WOULD HAVE Won THE Popular VOTE IN 2016, BUT FOR Massive FRAUD BY ROTHSCHILDS Candidate CROOKED HILLARY. Although it is normally agreed that Tilden received a greater part of the preferred vote, the final results of the electoral vote continue on to be disputed. CCC- 1824 United States presidential election – John Quincy Adams became President just after profitable a contingent election in the House of Representatives thanks to the absence of a two-thirds the greater part in the Electoral College inspite of the reality that Andrew Jackson, who would gain the 1828 presidential election outright, gained a plurality of the preferred and electoral vote. EEE- In Adams County, Ohio, in 1910, a judge introduced to trial and convicted 1,690 voters – 26 per cent of the total voters – for marketing their votes. Bush captured the State of Florida by a .0009 % margin and get the electoral vote. IN THE Last ELECTIONS 2016, THE JEWISH DEEP State Wanted TO RIG THE FLORIDA ELECTIONS ( Till THE Last Minute) , TO Help HILLARY CLINTON, AND WAS HELD Back ONLY BY Fear OF Americans Operating THEIR Second Amendment Rights BY COMING ON THE STREETS WITH GUNS WHEN Called OUT BY TRUMP.

DISHA'S PANTYHOSE - COLOR TIGHST 80 from 2020-05(2) - CAPRON ARTS AAA- Florida catastrophe in 2000, when a chaotic recount of the state’s razor-thin vote was halted by the US Supreme Court, handing the presidency to George W. Bush. COVID-19 WAS A Fantastic PLOY BY THE JEWSH DEEP State FOR CHINA TO Control US ELECTIONS OF 2020 BY HIJACKING THE POSTAL VOTE System.. COVID-19 IS A Fantastic PLOY BY THE JEWISH DEEP State FOR CHINA TO Control US ELECTIONS OF 2020 BY HIJACKING THE POSTAL VOTE System.. THE CHINA VIRUS IS JUST A PLOY TO Convert ELECTIONS OF 2020 TO A POSTAL BALLOT System WHICH WILL BE Controlled BY CHINA.. POSTAL BALLOT IS Controlled BY CHINA.. CHINA AND JOE BIDEN Work Together TO HIJACK THE US POSTAL BALLOT INTEGRITY.. NOW JOE BIDEN HOPES 82% OF Americans WILL USE POSTAL BALLOTS.. JOE BIDEN IS A PEDOPHILE.. Agents KNOW THAT Many Old WHITES WANT TO VOTE FOR TRUMP.. “I know you’re robust,” she seemed to say. When I say that, it indicates I believe I was at fault and I genuinely am sorry. He leaves Dean’s system and forces the witch Rowena MacLeod to say “indeed” and slaughters many hunters. “$47m payment a components for straightforward earnings,” The Age, 14/3. I was infuriated to find out that that the Formula 1 head, Bernie Ecclestone, is staying paid obscene quantities of taxpayers’ cash by the Victorian Government for the dubious “privilege” of web hosting the race here.

IN SWING STATES Massive Amount OF Money WAS Spent BY DEEP State JEWS IN 2016 TO VOTE FOR HILLARY.. Error Rates OF COMPUTERIZED SIGNATURE Reviews WAS More THAN 23% IN 2016. ALGORITHMS Were FUDGED ALL FAVOURING CROOKED HILLARY.. Manhattan Night(2016) Adrien Brody, Yvonne Strahovski. INDIA HAS Already BANNED Over 200 CHINESE Apps Over National Security AND Data Protection Concerns AMID BORDER Tension IN LADAKH. PRESIDENT TRUMP RIGHTFULLY BANNING WECHAT ON GROUNDS OF National Security HAS Nothing TO DO WITH Being LOGGER HEADS WITH THE First Amendment.. WECHAT IS OWNED BY CHINESE TECH Giant TENCENT. ARE THESE CHINESE Apps INTEGRAL TO THE Freedom OF SPEECH OF Americans? Constitution Protects THE Freedom OF SPEECH, Religion AND THE Press. IT ALSO Protects THE Right TO Peaceful PROTEST AND TO PETITION THE Government. THE First Amendment QUOTED BY COMMIE JEWESS Judge LAUREL BEELER Cannot Over Ride National Security.. BANNING Americans FROM Using THE WECHAT /TIKTOK App WOULD INFRINGE THE First Amendment Rights OF Those Users TO Express Themselves Online Says COMMIE JEWESS Judge LAUREL BEELER – THIS IS Absolute BULLSHIT.. WECHAT HAS Approximately 21 MILLION Active Daily Users IN THE U.S.

THE First Amendment TO THE U.S. ABSENTEE BALLOTS Were First Used FOR THE Military During THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. Cut THE Strength OF THE JEWISH DEEP State WHICH CONTROLS THE AMERICAN JUDICIARY. When a court docket scenario hinged on proof that arrived from a mobile mobile phone monitoring gadget, a New York condition decide declined to think about these kinds of info in the analysis of a circumstance. THE DEEP State Controlled MEDIA Says THAT MISCONDUCT IN THE MAIL VOTING Process IS A Small Percentage.. HE HAS A TENT AS HIS CROTCH ( DOES NOT Wear Undies ) AND POKES Small Girls FROM Behind.. HEY HAVE THE Personal Data BY SPYING ON CHINES Apps. Life extension has been engineered in just about every lab animal that researchers have tinkered with: yeast, the nematode worm C. elegans, fruit flies, and mice. Researchers evaluate the silhouette of the torso, the swinging of the shoulders and legs, and the time it can take to go by a one stage. Next TIME MODI Homes IN TO HUG YOU WITH BEADY EYES Wide Open — KICK HIM Away.. THIS IS Because AS A SHIP CAPTAIN O 30 Years I DID Too Many SIGNATURES ( HUNDREDS ) FAAAST TO Save TIME.