On the strikes against Loc Ninh on 30 November and 3 December, pilots reported flak between 4,000 and 12,000 feet and bomb release altitudes were between 7,000 and 10,000 feet. Lest there be an assumption that VNAF fighter pilots lacked courage to fly through flak, they did habitually assume high risks in attacking enemy forces while in support of ARVN infantry. But the cost was high. President. General Truc said that most of the bombs landed miles from the targets, that attacking fighters released at excessively high altitudes to avoid antiaircraft fire, and that poor targeting, poor execution, and low VNAF morale were to blame for the meager results. While these release altitudes were too high for precision bombing and rocketing, they did produce some visible results, although VNAF attacks had no lasting effect on the enemy’s capabilities. The concentrated attacks did not begin until 7 November, and South Vietnam made known that they were in response to the NVA’s 6 November rocketing of Bien Hoa Air Base, an indication it still felt obliged to rationalize offensive operations in terms of retaliation for NVA cease-fire violations

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From 7 November to 5 December, spotty records revealed about 800 sorties of fighter-bombers, including A-1s, F-5s and A-37s were flown. Another separate attack was made on 6 November, the day the NVA rockets destroyed three F-5As at Bien Hoa, when the VNAF made 33 fighterbomber sorties against NVA concentrations around the ARVN base at Don Luan. At only 60 percent strength the Airborne Rangers turned in an excellent performance, pushing the major Communist elements out of Nha Trang in less than a day. Nha xuat ban Nong nghiep, Ha Noi: 244 trang. Đánh văn bản thuê, danh van ban thue, đánh văn bản thuê Hà Nội, danh van ban thue Ha Noi, thuê đánh văn bản, thue danh van ban, dịch vụ đánh văn bản thuê, dich vu danh van ban thue, đánh văn bản thuê giá rẻ, danh van ban thue gia re. Chúng tôi luôn hỗ trợ dịch vụ sau bán hàng nhiệt tình, cam kết chỉnh sửa văn bản đến khi Quý khách thực sự hài lòng và ưng ý về văn bản. Thành Phố San José vinh dự là một trong những chính quyền có hoạt động thực tiễn tốt nhất trong việc kết hợp Khuôn Khổ Quy Định về Sự Bình Đẳng và Các Công Cụ vào quá trình ưu tiên và tài trợ nguồn lực trong sáng kiến phục hồi của thành phố