After cleaning everything, rinse it off with warm water and dry it. Never place the top part of the vaporizer in alcohol. The 4 preset heat settings (180degC to 190degC and 200degC respectively) will return from the 721; however, the 722 will heat up a bit more in boost mode than the 721. Leafly’s Product Reviews welcomes you to take a closer look at any cannabis gadget, accessory or consumable and give it some spin.

The Utillian 722, however, might not be for you if your goal is to get the best vapor possible. Although it isn’t a direct con, it is not the main selling point of this device. After loading it with some buds and firing it, my first impression of the device was intriguing. I noticed that as soon as the LED light turned solid, the vapor already started flowing out.

Frankly, the 620 is a breather in a increasingly crowded segment. Plenty of vapes have great form factors and quick heating times, but few are able to be as good after 100 sessions as they were on the first. The Utillian 722, a vaporizer that combines all the great things about the Utillian 721, to make the Utillian 722 the best dry herb device yet.

Utillian722 has been the best vaporizer I have ever used. Vape quality is excellent as well as the battery life and flavor profile. I had a pax 3. I wasn’t impressed and sold it to my friend. I was in the dispensary when I saw people taking about the 722. I decided to purchase it as it was much cheaper. 100% the best dry herb vape I’ve ever used.

Preset temperature settings are great. Variable heat settings can be adjusted to heat up the temperature in a matter of seconds. The auto power off feature is also very useful. After using a few pen-type units, this is my first serious vape. This vape is a fantastic experience for a first-time user. My friend suggested I choose the 721, but they have just launched a new version so I am going with it. It’s very easy to use and very easy to clean.