Josh King “JetSet” Madrid’s newest 5-star rated self-assist book ‘JETSET Life Hacks delivers highly effective and life-altering strategies and hacks that the high-flyers of the world swear and live by

The glitz and glamour of many celebrities are often considered via a lens of awe and admiration of what these people have created for themselves and now enjoy. Usually, the enviable outcomes and successes of these celebrities are believed to be unattainable for widespread people. Nonetheless, Josh King Madrid has dedicated the past five years of his life to studying and teaching the habits and existence of millionaires, geniuses, celebrities, and CEOs to people and he simplifies these lessons into 33 Life Hacks in his new book.

The new book titled Jetset Life Hacks: 33 Life Hacks Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities, And Geniuses Have in Common was launched on the 6th of August 2022 and has garnered over 5 hundred 5-star rated positive opinions on Goodreads. JetSet Life Hacks is an eye-opener revealing the knowledge gaps evident within the lives of many people that when filled with the simply applicable nuggets from the book translate to a happier, fulfilling, and purposeful life. The ninety nine-web page book is available on Google Play, Amazon, as well as Barnes and Noble and will quickly be available in physical stores.

Madrid’s book is a far cry from the cliché of positive thinking bandied in numerous motivational books that yield no tangible results. Some of the key topics touched on within the book embrace money, mindset, consciousness, and NLP frame management—ideas which might be sure to raise the reader’s levels of financial success, business acumen, confidence, and accomplishment till it becomes at par with modern celebrities.

Jetset Life Hacks: 33 Life Hacks Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities, And Geniuses Have in Common is the first book by Josh King ‘JetSet’ Madrid and is carefully followed by his second book titled The Artwork of Frame Control which is undergoing the last levels of editing and is set to be launched within the subsequent three weeks.

Additionalmore, the renowned writer, actor and internet celebrity Josh King Madrid, known as “JetSet” is a younger and vibrant man wearing many dignified hats asides from being an completed author. The licensed NLP skilled is the host of The Dropout Degree Show, a top-rated business podcast on Apple Podcasts that discusses his career trajectory as a public speaker and entrepreneur. Josh King Madrid can be passionate about inspirational rap and expressed his passion with his single hitting the airwaves, titled the Millionaire Dropout feat. TheBlondeJon & JoeySendz which is a tune on the story of his life.

Josh King Madrid, additionally known as ‘JetSet’ or JetSetFly’ was born on the eighth of March 1998 and is an American internet celebrity, actor, writer, filmmaker, podcast host, producer and entrepreneur known for his roles in The Dropout, Younger, Famous & African, Hype House, Floribama Shore, and Paper Boyz to mention a few. Josh King ‘JetSet’ Madrid is also a contributing writer for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Quick Firm, and Rolling Stone.

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