Instead of writing all that each time I wanted to create a new post in vim, I could use the :read command to insert the front matter of a previous post each time I start a new file. You can use read in command mode to insert the contents of another file, or the output of a command into a vim buffer (file). You can choose from a plethora of practices, whichever one jives with you most. Meditation & Mindfulness – Meditation is one of the most transformative practices I’ve added to my life. The smallest little human I’ve ever seen, finally arrived. Despite the efforts of our inner beacons – whether you call them our intuition or gut, our spirit or soul – we pay them little attention. It’s worth noting that we often sabotage these benefits by listening to a podcast or taking a phone call. Talk Therapy – There are many proven benefits to psychotherapy, and not just for serious mental health issues. I’m not sure how much actual action there was, but the talking was interesting. Tools and processes can provide unlimited fuel for conversation and create bonds and sub-identities, all without the discomfort that comes with revealing too much of what you do

Hmm. Something that works on one computer, but not on two others. As the two Soviet subs maneuver, one of Red October’s cooks, Loginov, is revealed to be an undercover GRU agent and the saboteur. Base two logarithms are found in measurements of entropy. The railway roundhouses were intact, and thirty serviceable locomotives and around 450 railway cars were found there. There are also commercial buildings and offices for sale in the country, usually located in business areas. Condominium and apartments in other parts of the country are mainly built in low-rise buildings. If you liked this article and you would like to get far more info with regards to try this website kindly check out the web page. Both condo and apartments can have luxurious facilities, such as swimming pools and fitness centers. Most expats who work in Thailand have Non-Immigrant Type B, but investors can apply for Non-Immigrant Type IB. Let’s see how preprocessing can work. A home office is popular among those who want to live and work at the same place since normal residential projects are not allowed to be used for commercial purposes. The city of Chiang Mai is famous among those who want to experience a more laid-back atmosphere

I’m a little shaky on the pronunciation, but I’m getting by so far. Getting fancy. I’d like to briefly mention that in practice most of us use a slightly different formulation than what I presented above called a Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) network. Doing that whole process of make what you need, use what you make, document your stuff, it really forces a lot of insight and self-reflection as well as provides the community with a broader set of perspectives to look at and then be inspired by. But drinking Vietnamese coffee within sight of the plant the beans grew on is a whole new level of “whoa, am I really here? Living in Hanoi, a city so far from my home in North Carolina in so many ways, keeping my morning coffee ritual is a comfort. Buildings here are narrow and tall, so some cafes go up three or four or five floors to a roof terrace, perfect for a cup of iced coffee on a hot day in the summer

Journaling – I’ve been journaling for many years now, and I never cease to be amazed at the volume of thoughts that come through in each session. The openness of the outdoors seems to transcend into the mind, making room for thoughts to come out. I recall a time when I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and utterly burned out by my job. Seven Implementations of Incremental, a great in-depth look at Incremental internals, as well as a bunch of optimizations like always-increasing heights I didn’t have time to talk about, as well as clever ways to handle cells that change dependencies. The files have a rough formatting style, but I let them vary. I’m using restic to backup the /etc and /home folders and on all machines are my website files and databases. This site is written in markdown using Hugo. In Hugo each post has some meta data associated with it that is written at the top of each file called front matter. Front matter tells Hugo things like: the author, title, date, tags, etc of each post

Bangkok is the capital as well as the largest city in the country. Some of the more popular landmarks in Bangkok are the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Traimit (Golden Buddha). Thailand has a population of more than 68 million people spread across its 76 provinces. Islam is the second-largest religion, comprising 4% of the population. The largest religion is Buddhism with around 95% of the population follows the religion. If there are specific duties you want to make doubly sure the agent will handle-for example, listing the property on the MLS, posting a yard sign, or creating a listing sheet-specify those as well. The inspector will sometimes check kitchen appliances that come with the home to make sure they work, but these are not always part of the inspection. I’d come home most weekends. 3. Rental Yields – For those who want to rent out their properties, you can expect to earn around 5% annually. It also shows you how much money is being streamed to that creator, which can be helpful if you want to support a site by visiting it often