Another feature of some Kiềm ký type of seals is that many of these seals had inscriptions written in Traditional Chinese characters as opposed to seal script. During the Khải Định period imperial seals with inscriptions written in Traditional Chinese characters instead of seal script began to be carved. The inscriptions of the dấu kiềm were identical to that of the main bronze seal. Bronze seals were often created as a pair together with an additional small reserve seal called a dấu kiềm. The seals of middle-level and low-level mandarins were called ký, kiềm ký and được and were mainly made of bronze or wood. The Trưởng ký (長記) type of seals was commonly used by the chiefs of cantons and communes. Indicates that the seal is a Đồ ký (圖記). Usually Tín ký were used by local officials for regional documents and served to identify the mandarin signing the document to other regional (low-level) mandarins. According to the Khâm định Đại Nam hội điển sự lệ a mandarin was allowed to make a custom square seal made of ivory or wood

Within RecipeRadar’s data model, we refer to the purchasable contents of an ingredient as the ‘product’ (vegetable stock in both of these examples), and the amount required as the ‘quantity’ (2 cups and 30ml respectively). Let’s use some real-world ingredient descriptions as examples. Taking the first example from the ingredient list above, we could use XML to annotate the product and quantities like so: a pinch of freshly ground black pepper. For each ingredient there are two key pieces of information we’d like to identify: the name of the ingredient, and the associated quantity of it that is required. There are some spelling and grammar mistakes but I’m personally nitpicky about that stuff. Just dot down some bullet points to update you and remind my future self how things are going: My running streak is still alive, it hit 3 years as of yesterday. I have had a post in draft since the beginning of the year, all about analysing my running streak as it stands. Recently, for no specific reason at all I did a review of my backup plans of my tiny personal VM:s I have

State-run Qatargas, the world’s largest producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), said on Wednesday it had signed a medium-term sales and purchase agreement with Turkey’s Botas to deliver 1.5m tonnes of LNG each year for three years. House Buy Fast is one of the largest cash house buyers in the UK. Located in South Carolina, USA, the 247-unit (679-bed) Standard at Columbia will serve over 35,000 undergraduate and graduate students from the nearby University of South Carolina (USC), the largest university in the state. The Gulf diplomatic crisis spilled over onto sports when it led to the cancellation of this year’s Gulf Cup of Nations in football. While Vietnamese consumers have a strong preference for fresh, un-chilled pork sold at traditional markets, increasing concerns over food safety have been expressed by Vietnamese consumers, he said at a regional symposium on research into smallholder pig production, health and pork safety which ended in Hà Nội on Friday

Truly, truly, I say to you, HE who believes has eternal life. South Africa is represented in Guyana through its High Commission in Kingston, Jamaica. An important cultural connection between India and Guyana is cricket. The cordiality in the relation remains unaffected with changes in governments either in India or in Guyana. Total trade turn over remains low, though the trend is positive. During a state visit by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to Georgetown on 2 March 2007, the governments of Guyana and Brazil signed several cooperation agreements and announced plans to boost trade between the two countries. Both nations also attempt to maintain open communications at high levels of both Governments. Guyana is accredited to Namibia from its high commission in Pretoria, South Africa. Guyana and Suriname also disputed their offshore maritime boundaries. France is represented in Guyana through its embassy in Paramaribo, Suriname. Neighbouring Suriname also claims the territory east of Guyana’s New River, a largely uninhabited area of some 15,000 square kilometres (5,800 sq mi) in southeast Guyana. Guyana is represented in Finland by their embassy in Brussels, Belgium

Software made by committee must adhere to the committee’s standards, but software made by people and made for people may be infused with the creator’s personal style just as it is adapted for the user’s personal needs. They must realise that capture by a cybernetic mono-culture is the antithesis and downfall of polity and civic life. The forces driving people back into the city will continue. Societal changes could be bigger than city form. On the other imagine a city where care are running around trying to find free parking, can you imagine the conflicts caused in nearby residential areas, never mind all the traffic from these cars driving on the roads, with no passengers in them at all. Rural Pubs and getting sloshed at family gatherings may be transformed by no longer needing to worry about drink driving laws. In the future it may be more desirable to live neat a major road as fares will be lower because of all the competition between buses and cabs, while those living off obscure cul de sacs could either be faced with a walk to a reasonably busy road or high fare surcharge for door to door service

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