Virgin Media is an example of how you can save EUR25 on monthly SIM-only plans. But, you should be aware that the monthly charge increases to EUR25 after 12 months. The first year costs EUR120 and the following year costs EUR300. This means that you may need to shop for a while after the first year to find the most affordable price.


If you’re looking for a new mobile service, Tello offers some of the most affordable sim-only offers available. First, create a plan and then open a new account. Then, decide whether you want to use your existing phone or buy an Tello model. After that, Tello will send you an additional SIM card. You will then be able to activate it.

These plans come with numerous features that include unlimited data. Some plans include unlimited minutes and texts to more than 60 countries. Tello is also free of contracts, so you can make any changes you want. Tello also offers a free Wi Fi hotspots with all plans.

Tello also offers international calling that is crucial for many users. You can connect to the US, Canada and Mexico with this plan. As an additional feature you can add international calling. Tello also offers hotspot as well as tethering capabilities.

Tello is available in many states, although it’s more popular on the east coast. Tello is not available in rural areas. The company offers budget-friendly plans and exceptional customer support. Their SIM cards can be utilized on any unlocked phone because they are GSM compatible.


O2 is a major mobile network and one of the top providers of MVNO SIM-only deals. It has been operating in the mobile industry for a few years, and best sim only deals for roaming has perfected its SIM only deals. SIM-only offers from the network offer a range of benefits, including free Netflix or Disney+ for six month.

O2 SIM cards offer unlimited calls and texts and the vast majority of SIM cards also include unlimited data. The basic plans have 1GB of data limit which is quite low but still provides plenty of data. The most popular plans offered by O2 offer between 5GB and 10GB of data, which is adequate for heavy use of social media and internet searches.

O2 also offers a range of pricing options to meet your needs. You can select plans that include unlimited minutes and texts or a customized plan that allows unlimited data. There are many incentives on the network, such as free Amazon UK vouchers for referrals. O2 is a great choice if you are searching for SIM-only deals.

O2 is one of the first UK mobile networks. They offer a huge range of plans with different allowances for data. O2 offers flexible contract lengths and lengths, as well as great coverage, and reliable service. Contrary to other networks, O2 isn’t among the most affordable however you can get great value for money. Additionally, they provide special benefits like early access to gig tickets and music vouchers.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is one of the top UK mobile providers and their SIM only deals are among the cheapest on the market. They typically provide unlimited data and high allowances. Virgin Mobile customers can also benefit from a variety of free extras, such as unlimited texts and calls.

Virgin Media also has a wide range of TV and broadband plans. Virgin Media’s comparison site makes it easy to compare these deals. You can filter the deals based on your postcode. Virgin is a UK-based company, so the network is very reliable. You can also pick from a variety of packages that combine services from different providers at a lower cost.

Virgin Mobile SIM-only deals offer unlimited calls and data to any number for EUR5 per month for the first six months. After six months, the cost will rise to EUR25, however, it’s still one of the cheapest SIM only deals available. The package also includes roaming to Europe and the rest of the UK.

Virgin Media used to offer a wide variety of mobile plans , including unlimited minutes and data. The company has since removed the pay-as-you-go plan from their range. The best SIM only plans, sim only deals Pay as you Go as well as the most affordable contracts, will offer you flexible plans that are perfect for your needs.


SIM Only deals offer great value. The average SIM only plan will cost less than PS10 each month, and it comes with an ample amount of data. A lot of SIMs also offer unlimited social media usage. Three’s lowest SIM only price is PS6 per month on 24-month contract. It includes unlimited text messages, calls and internet.

Customers report having “blackspots” in areas with weak network signals. This means you need to ensure that the signal from the network is strong in areas where you spend many hours. Another important factor is to look over the allowances for the SIM only deal. Certain deals provide too many minutes and data, while others provide a small amount.

Many people still make use of SMS texts to communicate. Although individual texts are relatively inexpensive, sending 100 to 200 messages each month can quickly add up. SIM Only deals usually offer unlimited texts for free, with certain packages even providing as much as 5,000. In addition, certain SIM Only deals even offer unlimited texts.

Virgin Media offers one of the most affordable SIM-only plans available in Ireland with a price of EUR10 per month. Although the cost of this plan increases to EUR120 per annum after the first year, it is still affordable for mobile phone users. You can also make unlimited calls and texts within the UK. You can also opt for a SIM only plan with unlimited data from Three.

O2 5G

O2 is the best choice when you’re looking for the best SIM-only offer. O2’s SIM-only offers are excellent value and offer 5G connectivity for free. You can also pick from a variety of contract lengths and add-ons. Continue reading to learn more.

Most O2 SIM only plans come with unlimited text and calls. The data caps can be quite different. The cheapest plan has a 1GB data limit however, you can receive five to 10 gigabytes or more for browsing the internet and social media usage. In fact, some plans also include free three-month subscriptions to Apple Music and Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Video, both of which are fantastic additions to the O2 experience.

Another benefit of SIM Only deals is that you are able to cancel the contract at any time. However, you’ll need to pay a small cancellation cost if you decide to leave the contract. It’s also cheaper than a long-term contract since there’s no requirement to replenish credits on the case of a pay as you go phone. This can be handy in the event that you require a phone in a moment of need or you don’t remember to charge your credit prior to leaving home.

Three 5G

You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for sim-only deals on Three 5G. This UK mobile operator has an extensive network that covers 99% of the country. You can make unlimited calls and texts from Three, and you’ll also get a lot of data each month. These sim only deals pay as you go only deals come with an array of additional features that include free calling and data roaming.

Three’s SIM Only deals offer a variety of contract lengths. They can range from a 24-month agreement to one-month rolling contracts. The 24-month contract gives the greatest savings, but the one-month rolling contract offers the most flexibility. The contract automatically renews at the close of each month.

Contrary to rival networks Three’s SIM Only offers unlimited 5G data. This is a major benefit for those who want to enjoy 5G speeds. SIM-only plans don’t come with any hidden limits or fair usage restrictions. There are data limits of 12GB per month for roaming overseas.

If you’re budget-conscious, the Three SIM only deals are ideal for Sim only deals pay as you go you to enjoy all the benefits offered by its new network without spending an exorbitant amount. These deals also include data allowances you can use as personal hotspots to help cut down on your monthly costs.

O2 4G

O2 currently offers the UK’s lowest 4G sim-only offers. These deals are available on both Android and iPhone platforms and could save you money and time. You can download the MyO2 app to manage your bills and to reduce calls. Additionally O2’s Refresh service lets you to upgrade your phone at anytime. The new phone will work with your existing contract , and you can swap your old phone for the new one. You will only be charged for the difference between the value of the old handset and the new one.

O2 offers a range of SIM-only plans, all of which include unlimited text and phone calls. You can also pick the length of time you’d like to have a contract and the amount of data would like to use. Certain plans have a 1 gigabyte data limit, but these are not suitable for those who use their phones to download videos as well as social media or gaming. If you want to increase your data allowance each month, you might end with a higher cost.

If you’re not sure whether you’re looking for a long-term contract, O2 offers SIM only deals for 30-day, 12-month, or 24-month contracts. A shorter contract will not only save money, but will also allow you to change your plans. The shorter lengths of contracts offer the best flexibility and will meet your needs.