Firefly 2+, like the Pax 3, can sync with an app to fine-tune temperature and other settings. Like the Pax 3 and the AirVape Legacy, the Firefly 2+ has a proprietary charger. The Utillian 722 is a successful vape at a reasonable price.

The screen at the top of the herb room has the same design as that on the bottom and is made of stainless-steel. Utillian is a Canadian cannabis vaporizer company based in Toronto. Their first vaporizer, the Utillian420, was released. There have been many versions of it, including the 421, 421, Utillian620 and Utillian720.

To protect our platform, we use dedicated people and clever technology. Reviewers have the ability to edit or remove reviews at any given time. They will remain visible as long a user account is active. Great products but the worst most incompetent staff imaginable. I didn’t get the money nor the product and they just didn’t help.

This unique canister to use for your wax surprisingly delivers lasting and efficient hits. The Utillians airpath is isolated from the battery and electronic components, once again as an attempt to keep the flavor as pure as possible. The exterior shell is made of anodized aluminum with rubber coating. This, I believe, helps to isolate and contain heat. It has a non-slip, nice-to-touch feel. The Micro USB charging port and air-intake hole are located at the bottom. After each session end, clean the mouthpiece.

The taste is incredible. I can’t stress enough how amazing it tastes. It caught me off guard. My lungs feel much cleaner without the smoke and ash from regular methods of consumption. It’s a lot bigger than other herbal vapes. But it’s still easy to hold. The only thing that was confusing was taking the mouthpiece off. I received my Utillian 722 the other day. It is absolutely amazing. I have used the pax 2 from a friend, and I liked it. However, this is better.