A 10 minute auto-shutoff feature will help preserving battery life when the vaporizer is not being used. The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is the newest portable vaporizer by Grenco Science compatible with dry herbs. Designed for superior vapori. The Utillian 722, with its minimalistic and functional design, fits comfortably in your palm. The device is simple to use with a single button, making it suitable even for beginners.

Quick heat up, and seems to have been set at a comfortable temperature. All products are golden brown with no ash. It is undoubtedly the best convection-style vape. The 722 can be used to vaporize extracts and concentrates. To enjoy a convection powered wax session, simply load your favorite extract into the canister and place it in the heating chamber.

Because you have tried them all, this machine can remove all that is delicious in the grass. Comparing my old Pax to the 722, I see that the 722 is significantly more economical for cannabisreports.org the equivalent effect achieved. I save approximately 30-40%. The vaping volume is impressive! The usb charging socket is a huge advantage.

The mouthpiece is a bit sharp on the edges, I don’t mind that as much however Weed Papa really didn’t like how the mouthpiece felt. The Utillian721 is not equipped with a rechargeable battery. However Toronto Vaporizer offers a 1 Year Warranty. Plenty of knowledge and good people willing to share around these parts.

The user manual suggests using a Q tip dipped in isopropyl ethanol after every 3-4 sessions. Before you use the device again, make sure that all alcohol has evaporated. The plastic mouthpiece, screen as well as the wax canister and O-rings can all be soaked in alcohol up to 20 minutes. I have seen people upgrade the mouthpiece to the Quartz ones that are available on the Storz & Bickel vaporizers. It’s probably worth the extra cost, so I’ll keep my eyes open. I could see how a glass piece could potentially improve the flavor.

Utillian722 works great for me personally. It allows me to get in bed and I can use the product easily. It produces consistent, clean, and great vapors throughout your session. No hassle as you don’t need to stir your herbs between the session. I was shocked by the performance of the Utillian722 that my husband gifted me as an anniversary present. It produces a very smooth and consistent vapor. I love the vape’s design. It can be carried in my purse and looks great in my hands.