The oven can only hold 0.4 g of heat, but it can still produce clouds by using a half-pack close to 0.25g. It doesn’t roast the herb between puffs. I was able use the whip attachment on my Extreme Q to vape it through my water pipe!

The Utillian can tolerate extracts and concentrated substances that can be placed in the canister. To use the wax container, you will need to use a wax tool and place a little bit of wax in the container before placing it into the heat chamber. Tvape boast a 2-4 hour charge time but the truth is more like overnight at hours. They also boast a 90-minute battery lifespan, which is longer than 20 minutes. Each time you use your 722, you will need to brush it with a toothbrush.

It’s not the messiah, but it’s still a very naughty child. It was recommended to me by an online chat rep. I was new to vaping so I followed his recommendation. I am so grateful to him for recommending this amazing beast. It has been working flawlessly since I got it. It produces really cool and flavorful vapours. Battery life is pretty great and last me long and I do not have to It is best to charge it frequently. This vaporizer looks durable and will last for a long time.

One-button operation with good 4 preset settings. The size is very good and discreet as compared to my old Mighty. Utillian 722 is an excellent dry herb device, heats up quickly and hold its temperature. The herb cooks evenly, no burn spots and the taste is awesome. I believe that the price and guarantee are the best reasons to buy a dry vaporizer.