This vaporizer offers a Boost Mode that takes vaping even further. Excellent quality. I can switch between temperature modes to get a tastier, cooler vapour. Overall, a simple to use and high quality vape. This product is everything I imagined it to be. It’s a great convection style vape for herbs. Utillian722 is the perfect solution.

The vapor is smooth and delicious. The body is made out of quality material and the design was great. This is the best product I have ever bought. I am very happy with it.

The battery timing is excellent and the device is very easy to clean and maintain. It handled it well when dropped once before. You don’t have a lot of work to reach big clouds. I received the gunmetal and, although it was not my decision, I must admit that it gives the piece a very modern appearance and is a very successful design. The grip is very comfortable and you can immediately feel the object’s manufacturing quality.

It’s a great vape for everyday use thanks to its unique helix-convection baking oven and 0.2g chamber. It’s easy-to clean and is largely self-contained. The best thing about attachments is that they can be easily attached magnetically. This vape is perfect for medical users, daily users, and people who want an all-in one portable vape.

There is a small gap between the lid of the body and the lid. It’s so minor that it would be hard for a vape expert to notice. Otherwise, everything seems solid and solid. TVape offers a one-year warranty for the device.