Whereas the total particulars of the technology are closely guarded, the Norrhydro patented system, NorrDigi, makes use of a multi-chamber digital hydraulic actuator that improves system efficiency that much of a machine’s hydraulic system might be discarded or downsized. It removes the need for a major management valve – the center of a traditional hydraulic motors pdf system – along with extreme pump capacity, piping and hoses. It uses much less energy and presents the prospect for downsizing the engine capacity.

A total of 72,300 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 cars had been constructed, versus 241,600 regular Malibus (which came in five body styles). The 396-cubic-inch V-8 may very well be ordered with 325 or 360 horsepower, but fewer than 100 cars obtained a 375-horsepower model. “It isn’t extravagant, imported, or fattening,” explained one ad for the SS 396; it’s “a machine for the man who’d rather drive than fly.”

Taking a look at important statistics, it was tempting to say little had changed. Though the latest pony was 7.6 inches trimmer in wheelbase, it was only 2.5 inches shorter overall (at 179.1), about an inch wider (at 69.1), and lower than 100 pounds heavier (2516 pounds on the curb). Entrance passenger area was about equal, but the ’80 was a lot roomier in back, suggesting Ford had learned something about house utilization in all that point. And in contrast to the ’65, the Fox-platform car was burdened with all method of security options mandated by the federal government, similar to strengthened doors and five-mph bumpers, so Ford had apparently learned something about weight management too.

The 30-millionth Chevrolet was constructed on December 28, 1953, but for the model 12 months, production dropped a little bit behind Ford’s — an uncomfortable position for the automaker that claimed to supply “America’s favorite automobile.” Ford now had an overhead-valve V-eight engine obtainable, but Chevrolet engineers have been busy with a V-eight that may turn right into a phenomenon.

Named for a breed of combating bull, the Urraco was yet one more new Lambo designed by Marcello Gandini. He apparently made little effort to disguise the mid-engine layout, with a short hood and a longish wheelbase on a compact 167.3-inch-lengthy construction. His favored “signature” — a louvered engine bay/rear window space — was in evidence, along with a pointy front bearing hidden headlamps.