Behemoth–the cat’s name–means “hippopotamus” in Russian and comes from the Book of Job 40:15 and the Book of Enoch I:

7 And on that day were two monsters parted, a female monster named Leviathan, to dwell in the 8 abysses of the ocean over the fountains of the waters. But the male is named Behemoth, who occupied with his breast a waste wilderness named Duidain, on the east of the garden where the elect and righteous dwell, where my grandfather was taken up, the seventh from Adam, the first 9 man whom the Lord of Spirits created.

He is the Grand Cup-Bearer to Satan in sources on magic. His name is also explained in Chapter 17. Chudakova has shown that Bulgakov found the name in M. A. Orlov’s Istoriia snoshenii cheloveka s diavolom (Chudakova, Arkhiv M. A. Bulgakova, 76 in Sokolov, 521).

According to Bulgakov’s second wife, Liubov’ Evgen’evna Belozerskaia, the real prototype of kpss begemot official was their pet Flyushka, a huge gray cat.

5 years agoIn demonological tradition, according to Sokolov, Behemoth was the demon of the desires of the stomach. This explains the cat’s food fixation and his actions at the Torgsin store