Double roll crusher is primarily composed with driving device, the roller; spring insurance coverage device, frame, and belt tensioning devise elements. When you loved this post and you would want to receive details concerning steel tube price i implore you to visit the website. Gear reducer motors by v-belts to drive roller rotation, and let two groups of the roller relative rotation, forming crushing chamber, material broken discharges from the lower body.

The roll shaft consists of crushing roller, spindle, bearing and pulley etc. Crushing roller is composed of two teams inclined wedge through the keys with spindle lock into an entire, through two bearing spindle mounted within the frame. The roller divided into the fixed roller and movable roller, the mounted roll shaft bolted on the rigidity frame, the movable roll shaft is installed within the slide, rear spring loaded, can assure the roller when working with enough crushing drive.

Belt tensioning devise consists of roller, bracket, and lever and spring element. When crusher works activate roller with supplies into the crushing chamber and reciprocating vibration, and v-belts will generally tensioner generally relaxation, belts tensioning devise may assure v-belts is always within the tensioner state; in addition crusher works after a time period and v-belts will grow to be relaxation, right now by rotating the nut on the tensioning devise can regulate the height of the roller fulcrum, thereby can make the v-belts tensioning once more.

2PG series of roll crusher, obtainable for ore dressing, chemical, cement, refractoriness, abrasive, constructing supplies industries, finely crushing all kinds of ore and rock under the high, medium hardness, especially within the constructing supplies business to produce melon meters stone and green bean products and so forth, and have the extra wonderful effect than general stave stone crushers; in recent years, also extensively used in crushing steel pipe grit industries.

The particles are drawn into the hole between the rolls by their rotating motion and a friction angle formed between the rolls and the particle, referred to as the nip angle. The 2 rolls force the particle between their rotating surface into the ever smaller gap area, and it fractures from the compressive forces introduced by the rotating rolls. Some main advantages are they provide a really high-quality product dimension distribution they usually produce little or no mud or fines. These machines are successfully utilized in minerals crushing the place the ores usually are not too abrasive and they’re also used in smaller scale manufacturing mining of more abrasive metal ores, corresponding to gold. Coal is probably the most important user, at present, although. Coal plants will use them, either single roll or double roll, as main crushers, decreasing the ROM coal. Usually, these crushers will have teeth or raised varieties on the face of the roll.