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CW2 William F Sallenger died after his tour in Vietnam on 19 Jun 70 at the age of 25 from a motorcycle accident in Glenarm, IL, two weeks after DEROS. When travel resumes, Vietnam has separate residency requirements. Come along, as we travel through historical homes to unlock the secrets of the past in hopes of preserving them for the future. If you were waiting for the day of the drones to arrive, realize this – that day has already come. Drones, for good or bad, will be a part of our culture for many years to come. We’re planning a conference that will connect developers across projects, across languages, across backgrounds to learn from each other. All of these disciplines will require experts in fabricating and flying drones – and commercial drone pilots could start with an annual salary of $50,000 to more than $100,000, working for manufacturers, surveyors, law enforcement or any number of other organizations

Pull out the process manual (if you have it) and see-through documented workflow Vs actual (tasks) as performed in the business operation to know the current state. Most of the job scripts are fairly ad-hoc and just a matter of GET query with properly set oauth token so perhaps not worth sharing, but let me know if you want something specific. For that I’ve got some infrastructure set up. I’ve got bunch of scripts and a rendering tool which I named orger (yep, haven’t invested that much thought into naming). Personally I’m too invested in all of my own infrastructure, but if you want to try out spaced repetition without extra hassle, I highly recommend checking it out! The HVAC companies don’t want to deal with it because the margins aren’t juicy enough for them to want to deal with it and your average handyman or contractor is not familiar enough with the product to trust repairs to