Success in the digital world usually comes with a story, typically tumultuous and, in some cases, adventurous. Nevertheless, a few of these stories bear life-changing lessons, suggestions, and strategies that many individuals can apply on their journeys to success. NFTMagazine’s founder and digital entrepreneur, Josh Madrid, better known as JetSet, has documented among the effective life hacks that have helped him on his financial journeys and shared them in his new book, “JETSET LIFE HACKS: 33 Life Hacks Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities, & Geniuses Have In Common,” which hit bookcabinets on August 5, 2022.

So far as being a high achiever goes, JetSetFly, or JetSet for short has already made quite a name for himself. He’s a well-known determine within the digital marketing world and operates at the highest level as the co-founder of PaperBoyz by, the world’s leading NFT news website.

By way of his new book, Madrid shares 33 proven methods that anyone can use to create consistent and tangible positive outcomes to effortlessly overcome all challenges, build lasting generational wealth and improve their overall quality of life. He hopes to help his readers move from their present situations to better conditions that benefit not just them but additionally the people around them.

Josh Madrid has devoted the past five years of his life to learning, practising, and teaching others concerning the success patterns that millionaires, professional athletes, celebrities, and geniuses share in common. His knack for teaching everything he has realized and practiced over the years has placed him in a novel position to share everything he knows. Additionalmore, his interaction and connection with millionaires, professional athletes, and celebrities have given him an inside look into how high-achievers approach life, funds, and other interests.

The book is geared toward helping people who live difficult lives navigate life better. The book’s synopsis said: “Most individuals live troublesome lives filled with hardships, difficulties, uncertainty, excruciating stress, occasional hopelessness, and poverty. Most people are doing the perfect they can, but it is still not good enough, which is why most individuals’s lives are like this. They don’t know any better. If they knew better, they would do better.”

JetSet, as an individual, does not imagine in urging people to think positively but instead challenges folks’s way of thinking and taking action. The book is in-depth research of strategies that can be discovered quickly to boost a person’s level of consciousness and guide them to a quantum leap to the following level of their life. JETSET LIFE HACKS has been designed to address topics resembling money, success, mindset, EQ, consciousness, and making use of NLP frame control.

With over five hundred positive scores on Goodreads, JetSet has expressed his delight at how useful individuals have discovered the book. It positions the reader’s mindset to be ready to achieve, chase success, and draw inspiration from globally thriving individuals. Because of the success completed by this book, JetSet has already set himself to work on the subsequent one, titled “The Artwork of Frame Control,” which will be released a couple of weeks from now.

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Josh Madrid (aka JetSetFly) occasionally appears on MTV’s Floribama Shore, as Josh King Madrid. He first appeared in the series in 2018. In Episodes 2.18-2.22 after a day of thrills within the Mexican desert, the MTV Floribama Shore roommates celebrate their last night time in Cabo, Mexico celebrating a feast on the beach with Josh King Madrid & Workforce Jet Set. Madrid, greatest known by his pseudonym in films as JetSet, has performed a task in various different films. Considered one of his most up-to-date quick films he wrote and produced is the Paper Boyz by The Unique Hustler Returns! which is about a bike-riding newspaper-chucking kid “Paper Boy” that delivers NFT Magazine Alpha.

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The Dropout Degree Show is hosted by author Josh King Madrid (aka JetSet). The Dropout Degree Show, has been ranked as a world-famous Top 10 Enterprise Podcast on iTunes for more than two consecutive years (2017-2019) and has over 1M+ downloads.

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